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Your Engagement Session

So you’re engaged!! Congratulations!! What an amazing journey you are about to go on!!

I may have mentioned it before but I just want you to know… I’m here to help in ANY way I can!

So let’s start with your engagement session! I often get asked if this is necessary. Well of course it is! This our chance to hang out for an hour or so, have a laugh, share stories, pop some bubbles and take some snaps! So on your wedding day, when you’re surrounded by your loved ones, the ones that you hold closest to your heart, the last thing you want is a stranger there hanging out with you all day! You’ll be able to relax knowing you’re in good hands!

On that note, I’ve put together some tips for your Engagement session.. I hope they help!

Firstly.. There is no pressure! Whatsoever! I’m not going to ask you to do crazy poses within the first 5 minutes (they come later! Sometimes) I want to get to know you both, hear your love story, the things that make you laugh and what you love most about each other. I want you both to relax and just breathe.. Remember why you fell in love in the first place.

e_0021PINIMAGEWhat to wear… This is THE most frequent question I get asked! (And with good reason! I would ask the same thing!!)

My response is to wear something special, like you’re going out to really nice restaurant for lunch (or even dinner if you’ve got something you’ve been dying to wear!!).

I want you to be comfortable, but be mindful of the weather and the location you choose for the session! If we’re going to the beach, for instance, and it’s a windy day, a short flowy skirt probably wont work very well because you will be constantly holding it down. However a long flowy dress or skirt would look gorgeous!  I recommend that guys don’t wear printed T-Shirts as these date very quickly and don’t look quite as nice as a button up shirt. At the end of the day, stay true to yourself and if you feel like bringing a couple of outfits to mix it up, do it!

I squealed with delight when Candice arrived for their forest Session dressed in Blue heels and a cute dress! You looked pretty good too Dan :)

e_0023PINIMAGEe_0022PINIMAGEHair and Make up.. Let’s face it, you’re going to be getting a trial before your big day! I sure did!! So why not organise your trials on the same day of your Engagement session?! Otherwise, I can point you in the right direction for an awesome Makeup artist! It’s totally worth it!

e_0008PINIMAGEThe time of day is oh so important for your session!! The best time is 1-2 hours before sunset or just as the sun rises.

Don’t get me wrong I have done plenty during the day but the light is softest in the golden hour! Plus if we’re lucky, we might even catch a cool sunset!

e_0018PINIMAGEe_0020PINIMAGEe_0010PINIMAGEe_0019PINIMAGESending out Save The date cards?! Let’s incorporate it into your session like Mat and Megan did above!

e_0014PINIMAGEThe locations for your engagement session are ENDLESS!! Do you love going to the beach every weekend? Let’s go there for your session! Do you hate sand but love waterfalls? I know an awesome waterfall or two! Maybe you’re thrill seekers and would prefer to go to Aussie World?! I’ve often even gone to people’s property’s when they have elements that they would like to incorporate into their session!

Lee-Arna and Geoffrey love motorbike riding, camping, their dogs and being on their property! So that’s where we got together for their session! And yes… I did ask Geoffrey to rip up some mud! ;)

e_0015PINIMAGETahlia and Nick spend nearly every Monday afternoon together at the Noosa Botanical Garden, having picnics, feeding the ducks and just hanging out together..

e_0011PINIMAGEe_0012PINIMAGEOr maybe you have an awesome car/ute that we could style your session around like Dale’s ’54 Chevy that he spent 10 years building.. With his dog, Noose that never and I mean NEVER leaves his side!

e_0000PINIMAGESpeaking of Puppies.. I made a new best friend at Chris and Louise’s Engagement session! Her name is Izzy :) She loves to play fetch!


e_0003PINIMAGEOn the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, we’ve got awesome beach’s

e_0001PINIMAGEe_0002PINIMAGEe_0005PINIMAGELong Grass…

e_0024PINIMAGEe_0006PINIMAGEAnd plenty of other hidden gems to explore!!

e_0007PINIMAGEe_0016PINIMAGEe_0017PINIMAGEe_0009PINIMAGEe_0013PINIMAGEOh and if it starts to rain.. we’ll be all good! Promise! x


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