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Half Moon Hideaway, Maleny ~ Mr and Mrs Jonez

Shay and Pax married on their 8th year anniversary.. However, their dating started a whole year after Pax first spotted Shay on the train while he was with his mates.. talk about love at first sight!!
After their beautiful intimate ceremony we went to One Tree Hill for their Bride and Groom portraits, which is situated just down the road from Half Moon Hideaway! To cater for their guests appetites they had Jeff from Briz Wood Fired Pizza cooking up a storm!

The Dream Team!
Makeup ~ Twidale Hair and Makeup Artists
Florist ~ The Language of Flowers by Sonja Searle
Grooms attire ~ When Freddie met Lilly
Brides Dress ~ Sugar and Spice Bridal Boutique
Celebrant ~ Stacey Maguire ~ Marriage Celebrant
Venue ~ Halfmoon Hideaway

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