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Hi! My name is Lee and my heart and soul is in every image you see here at Life and Love Photography! I am the dreamer, light chaser and photographer extraordinaire (as quoted by my Brides!) at this boutique studio. The quality you see here is what you will get with your images.

I have often been called a photo ninja as I am extremely unobtrusive and like to let the day unfold naturally, yet I will be there when you need me, to give you gentle direction and guidance. My role is not only as your photographer, I’m pretty much a Bridesmaid without a dress, there, I said it! (fixing hair/makeup, holding and rearranging your dress, calming your nerves and I’m there for the guys also, putting on buttonholes, fixing collars, adjusting bow ties, calming nerves! I love being a photographer and I never want to do anything else!

I’m extremely lucky to have a gorgeous home Studio on the Sunshine Coast and I just love all things weddings!

I service all surrounding areas, including Maleny, Montville, Caloundra, Mooloolaba, Noosa, Kenilworth and even Fraser Island to name a few.

My vision for your wedding day, is to capture those fleeting moments that no one else sees, using beautiful natural light and the undeniable love between two souls.Or maybe it’s the single tear your Father is trying to hold back.. No matter what it is, I’ll be there (with tissues). But above all.. I want you to have fun!! You’ve worked really hard turning your dream into a reality, so let me do the hard work on the day while you just enjoy it!

My vision for your portraits is similar, if you have children, let’s get them outside playing in the dirt/sand! Bring your fur babies along if you have any! Whatever you do as a family/couple, I want to hear about so we can customize a photo shoot to suit you!

Lee and husband

Extra info!

In 2006 I was lucky enough to live in San Diego, CA. This is where I started studying photography and then went on to be a professional Wedding and Portrait photographer in 2007 when I returned to Australia. I have sold Art all around the world and been lucky enough to have my own solo exhibition! I am also extremely lucky to be able to share with you that my experience includes being the only photographer for Disney on their promotional road trip to 3 different States as well as NZ, plus I have been commissioned by the Royal Australian Navy to capture their Ships Formal Dinners.

I grew up with 4 Brothers and my Dad is a mechanic so I have developed a love affair for old classic cars ( My Sunday driver is a yellow ’73 Celica named Candy). I love my Husband who supports me and my little business without question (I wouldn’t be here without him) and our 3 children, who are crazier than me! We have two little ratbag dog’s, Jack and Millie (Jack Russell’s) who would follow me to weddings if they could!

How much more would you like to know…? Ask away! I am an open book!

Can’t wait to meet you!!

Lee x

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